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Teacher's Pet
 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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Title: Teacherís Pet

Author: Jamie Suzanne

AR points: 4.0 Reading Level: 5.5

Summary: To start off the characters in this book are Elizabeth and Jessica. They are both dancers that are very good and both try out for their spring dance recital but only one can be the star. The next day they found out who would be the one! It was Elizabeth and Jessica was very upset! After the parts were given Elizabeth went home and practiced every day. The problem was that Elizabeth wasnít as good a dancer so it was kind of tough trying to do the moves. Later on Jessica visited Elizabeth while she was practicing! Jessica was amazed to see that her sister was not as good a dancer as she was, so Jessica helped her with some of her moves! Then Elizabeth realized that  Jessica was a much better dancer than her! When it was time for the spring recital Elizabeth was getting out of the car and pretended she had twisted her ankle so Jessica could dance instead! After the recital they realized what the girls had done and their dance teacher realized that Jessica was the better dancer and Jessica did take dancing seriously!! JJ

Opinion: My opinion on this book was that it was a fantastic book and had a great moral!

Recommendation: I recommend this book to 3 graders- 6 graders, especially young dancers Who have lots of dreams!

                                            By: Katie Lamb J