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 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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Extra Credict

Harriet Tubman

Wade in the Water

 Wade in the water

Wade in the water children

Wade in the water

Gods going to trouble the water


1. Harriet Tubman was called Moses of her people.

2.Harriet lad more than 300 slaves

3.She was born on a plantation in Dorchester, Maryland in 1821.

4.When she was young she worked

5.When she looked around she saw the evils of slavery.

6. 2 of her sisters were sold

7. She was beaten

8.She escaped because she thought that it was against God's will for the slaves to be    held in bondage.

9.One late night in 1849 she began a dangerous journey to the north

10. If she made it that far she would be free a last

11. When she reached the north she found work as a cook

12. Some friends told her about the Underground Railroad

13.She chose to go back and rescue her  friends and family

14. In 12 years she took 19 trips

15. She used the North star to guide them to the north

16.They hid in the day and traveled at night

17. On March 10,1913 she died.

   God Bless Harriet Tubman

-Alfonzo Cooper