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PB Cookies
 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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We had fun in Ms. M. Powell’s class Tuesday.  We made peanut butter squares. I think we made them to learn measurement. The reason I think that is because when we put the rice cereal in she went nuts when we didn’t show her the measurement.  I had the most fun delivering them to people. I had to give Ms. Anderson’s to her. She said she liked them and wanted more. 

-Santana  Avery

     We had fun making peanut butter squares in Ms. M. Powell ‘s class. My group had to put ˝ of cup of brown sugar in the mix. I missed and put a little to much in the measuring cup.  I had a lot of fun when Ms. Powell kept on giving me a lot of peanut butter squares that totaled  to about 9 peanut butter squares.  We also had soda. I drank 2 cups of it.

-Khameron Evans   

             We had fun Tuesday making peanut butter squares in Ms. M. Powell’s class.  Most of it was about peanut butter. It was very delicious.  I put the peanut butter into the bowl and didn’t measure it right.  After we put in the rest of the ingredients, we put it in two pans.  That made about 21 squares.  Then we ate it up and we had soda to drink.  We had very good fun!

      -Whitney Sims

         On Tuesday, we made the best peanut butter squares we can ever make!! We made them very fast and easy. When we first put the peanut butter in we were all like  “cool this looks good! “I was like this is totally going to teach me how good peanut butter can turn out to be!!!!  By the way Mrs. Sanders liked it to! She came in and ate them with us. I had fun making them and I really thank Mrs. Powell for that very fun and tasty activity!!!

-Calaundra Cooper


On Wednesday,  we had fun. We made some peanut butter squares.  They were very good, I know  some of the ingredients. I know that peanut butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, corn flakes, rice crispies, and butter go in it.  Those are the ingredients to make peanut butter squares and they are very good. I wish that we can do more things like that more often.  Ms. M. Powell helped us with the ingredients.           

-Sebastian Mack