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 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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    The logbook is the most important part of a science fair project.  A composition book or notebook with non-removable pages should be used.  NEVER use correction fluid in your logbook.  Instead, you can strike through a mistake once.
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    You should begin recording in your logbook the first day you begin thinking about your project.  You should always put the date and time on all entries.  Anything you do for your project should be recorded in the logbook.  All research notes should be recorded in the logbook.  Observations from research should be recorded in the logbook.
     You should spend some time considering what your research topic should be.  You do not want to rush into an idea -- the best ideas come from time.  Talk to your parents, teachers, and peers about your ideas.  Check out the links on the super science page to help you get started with ideas.
        Be sure to set a control and a variable.  Define these well and make sure that all other factors (such as lighting, weather, time of day) are ruled out.
        Take pictures during your research -- you'll need proof of your final results.  Be sure to record in your logbook frequently.

Trace fossils with leaf imprints The effects of aspirin   on flower life 
The effects of temperature  on battery life The effects of temperature  on air pressure
The effects of  erosion on soil

Research Paper 
           Whenever possible, your research paper should be typed.  It consists of 10 sections, as follows:
bullet Title Page
bullet Table of Contents
bullet Introduction (2 pages)
bullet Materials / Methods (including controls and variables)
bullet Results
bullet Discussion (2 pages)
bullet Conclusion
bullet Bibliography (at least 3 reference sources)
bullet Appendix (charts and graphs)

See the following examples for more help:

            Science Project Research Paper Template - coming soon
            Science Project Research Paper Example

       The backboard is the first impression that you give judges.  It should be NEAT and attractive to the eye.  The title should be catchy or descriptive.  You should try to mount all pieces on construction paper. Be sure to follow the width and height regulations as stated by your local fair.
         Parts of the backboard:


Purpose          Title  Conclusion
Hypothesis      Pictures of  
Research Process
Materials      Chart/Graph 
Methods         Results Future Study
       Be sure to complete all necessary forms (including the abstract).  See the Science Project Links for more help.