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Coffee Filter Parachutes


1 - 10 Coffee Filters

2 or 3 Washers



Adhesives: Tape, Glue

General Directions

Your goal is to design a parachute that will bring the washers down with the slowest descent.

The dependent variable is speed of descent.

You must decide on the independent variable. Choose one factor that you will experiment with to find the slowest parachute. For example, do you want to try varying the shape, size, number of ropes, etc..

All other variables must be controlled variables. In other words, if you vary the shape of the parachute, the size must stay the same each time.


The parachute with the slowest descent will be declared the winner!



Experimental Design

Variables - Variables are parameters that can change. They can be such things as temperature, weight, readings from an instrument or observations. Each experiment has several types of variables.
Dependent Variable - which will be measured (can actually measure several different dependent variables).
Independent Variable – variable that is manipulated. It is important to make sure there is only one independent variable.
Controlled Variables - alternate independent variables that are kept constant during an experiment. Controlled variables are not the same as CONTROLS.