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Teacher Stuff
 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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Discipline Vocabulary Heat Unit

Grading Program  Excel spreadsheet to average grades.  Includes 9 week exam and overall average.



Physical Science documents:

Hands-On Kits Ruth Patrick Traveling Science kits tied to QCC and unit.

QCC 6th grade Quality Core Curriculum Objectives by unit.



General Science

                CNN SciTech
                            The Why Files
                            Scientific American Online
                            Discovery Channel School
                            The Exploratorium
                            The Exploration Network
                            The History of Science
                            Science Gems Cyclopedia
                            Franklin Institute Science Museum
                            Rockhounds: Index of Science Related Sites
                            Periodic Table on the WWW
                            Earth Science Explorer 

Earth Science


Virtual Earthquake Latest Earthquake Information
Volcanoes The Mineral Gallery
The Mineral and Gemstone Gallery  

Geologic Time

TyrellMuseum University of California Museum of Paleontology
Dinosaur Provincal Park   Dinosaur Paleontology & On-line Dinosaur Omnipedia
Dinosaur Art Discovery's The Ultimate T-Rex
The Dinosaur News Network Misconceptions about Dinosaurs

 Meteorology and Hydrology

El Nino Theme Pages National Ocean Services
Panoramas of the Seafloor WIND and SEA: Index of Earth Science Information
Digital PhotoAlbums from NOAA  


Environmental Systems of America Endangered Species from EE-Link
Virtual Recycling EPA's Solid Waste Page
Environmental Info. from Day of 6 Billion Population Pyramids
US Census Bureau Environment Database for Use in Schools - Excellent!
USGS Water Science for Schools USGS Fact Sheets
EPA Student Center -- Awesome! Natural Resources Defense Council - Organization
Global Action National Audobon Society
Sierra Club  


Space Science

                  StarChild: Information on Space Topics
                           NASA Home Page
                           Space Images Archive
                           Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
                           Welcome to the Planets
                           Views of the Solar System
                           Astronomy Picture of the Day
                           Challenger Center for Space Science Education
                           International Space Station
                           NASA Shuttle
                           Solar Image Index (NOAA)
                           Space Telescope Science Institute
                           Stanford Solar Center
                           GSOC Satellite Visibility Predictions
                           Into the Cosmos Gallery: Black Holes, Galaxies, Nebula, etc
                           Black Holes
                           Black Holes
                           Search for ExtraterresTrial Intelligence Institute
                           Big Bang Theory from NASA

Life Science

              National Zoological Park
                         Interactive Frog Dissection
                         Neuroscience for Kids
                         Whale Net
                         In the Eye of a Bee