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Social Studies
 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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Australia Projects Aborigines SS Links Ms. Ivey

In Ms.Ivey's class, we have been studying the water cycle, different types of graphs, the Earth, and Australia. This stuff has been very interesting. We are working on a presentation about our animals from Australia. Now we are talking about New Zealand. After we get finish talking about Australia and New Zealand  we are probably going back to the Geography Book the book we use. By:  Khameron Evans

 The Textbook We Use

The book we use is a volume 1 Geography ( social studies ) Book. The name of this book is The World and it's People.  This book was written by Richard G. Bohm, Frankcis D. Hunkins and David G. Armstrong.

 How We Are Graded

We were graded by rubrics on our Australian animal presentation. Ms.Ivey also grades us on creativity and all the parts of information she wanted. She also graded us on the written part also. If you have everything correctly, then you get a good grade.  By: Alfonzo Cooper Jr.