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Class Names
 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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By: Nastaaja Johnson

 Over the summer our teachers decided on names for each of our four classes. These are supposed to be honorable names: Excel, Dynamic, Magnificent, and Inspiration.

 Excel stands for exceed, surpass, prevail, do far better than, extremely well.

 Dynamic is also a strong word it stands for active, vigorous, vital, energetic, forceful, driving, and powerful.

 Magnificent is also a strong word for splendid, superb, sublime, grand, glorious, extraordinary, wonderful, fine, elegant, exquisite, noble, majestic, exalted, imposing, commanding, impressive, stately, august, brilliant, resplendent, and just great.

 Inspiration is an inspirational word. It stands for incentive, stimulating, influence, inspiring, action, incitement, motive, motivation, prompting, spur, encouragement, impulse.

 All these words are strong, encouraging, and solid. They wanted us to be these various things. So they wanted proud names.