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Ice Cream
 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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  Last Thursday, May 2, Excel and Inspiration went outside to make ice cream.

First, before we went outside we translated the ingredients from English to German. The reason why we translated the ingredients from English to German is because we were studying Germany in geography.

Then the two classes went outside to make ice cream. After we had made the ice cream we had to do lots and lots of shaking to get

The ice cream hard enough to eat. And then we ate it.    

 Heres what we did to make the ice cream:

First in German:

Fullen sie den grossen mit eis halb vollen beutel. Fugen sie das salz  hinzu. Siegeln sie den beutel. Gestellte milch, vanille, und  zucker in den kleinen  beutel.

Siegel-informationstechnologie. Stellen sie den kleinen beutel innerhalb des Grossen  und siegels wieder . Shutteln bis mischung ist eiscreme . Geniessen Sie!

 Now in English:

Fill the large bag half full of ice. Add the salt. Seal the bag. Put milk, vanilla, and sugar into the small bag.  Seal it. Place the small bag inside the large one and seal again.  Shake until mixture is ice cream. Enjoy! 


tsp Vanilla  

2 T Sugar 

6 T Salt   

c Milk     



 2 Essloffel-zucker

 6 Esloffel-salz

  c. Milch 

Written by: Shaquanda Whitfield & Randy Morris