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Box Experiment
 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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     When doing the box experiment we were told to find out what the inside of the boxes looked like that stopped the marble in a certain direction. Each pair of students was handed a box we got an A box, a B box, a C box, or a D box. We were to trying to think  of something that is stopping  the marble without opening the box.  We could shake it and move it around slowly.  I think that this was a test to see how good of a mind we have.  We learned to  tell the shape of something without looking at it. In this experiment we put our prediction on a piece of paper, and at the end of the experiment we opened the boxes to see if our predictions were right.  Most  of the predictions were wrong.  I donít know if some people peeked, but they got the answer to at least one or two boxes.  Our homework was to design our own shapes for the boxes.

By: Patrell Brown