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Puff Mobiles
 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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Powerpoint Presentation prepared by Katie L.


On Thursday, Feb. 21, we had a special visit from an engineer named Mr. Key Warren.  Mr. Warren has worked at Plant Vogtle a couple of months and is a chemical engineer. To tell, or actually to show us what some engineers can do, we built cars. Our cars contained lifesavers for wheels, paper as the body, and straws as axles for our wheels. However, on some cars, they had paint jobs, which included the KCCJ Sonic Boom. The top cars in each class were the winners.  The length that the cars traveled were as follows:

Magnificent -- 99 cm

Dynamic -- 147 cm

Excel -- 60 cm

Inspiration -- 190 cm.

It was really hard because there was alot of friction on the floor.

- Meagan R.