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 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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Excellence Through Teamwork!

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We are excited about this upcoming school year and look forward to working with you. Through the incorporation of technology within our lesson plans, we will provide flexible, hands on, and collaborative learning activities weekly.

Our goal is to positively encourage our students, our child, to learn by hard work, determination and enthusiasm.


Language Arts and Social Studies

1 Ė Three ring binder

Loose leaf paper

Subject dividers (at least 6)

Spiral notebook (70 pgs) [LA]

Pens, pencils, colored pencils

Computer floppy disk

Pens and pencils

Math and Science

1 Ė Three ring binder

Loose leaf paper

Subject dividers (at least 6)

Spiral notebook [Science]

Index cards

Pens and pencils


Team Rules

1. Be on time.

2. Have materials for class.

3. Respect yourself and others.

4. Raise your hand for permission to be heard.


Instructor Information

Ms. J. Powell has been teaching school for eleven years. She received her BA from Savannah State University. She received her masterís degree in curriculum from Lesley College. She is currently pursuing her Specialistís degree.

Mrs. Brogan has taught for five years, all of which were at BCMS. She received her BSED from the University of Georgia. She received her masterís degree from Augusta State University. She is the 6th grade Beta Club sponsor.

Ms. M. Powell is beginning her second year at BCMS this year. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BSED in middle grades education. She spent her summer scouting cotton and going on fun vacations with her family.

Mrs. Ivey has been teaching school for three years. This is her first year at BCMS. She received her BSED from Georgia Southern University. She is the JV softball coach at BCHS.


Use of Internet

The internet is a valuable educational tool when used correctly. For example, students can view actual pictures received daily from the Hubble telescope or watch a film clip depicting the effects of an earthquake. Students can communicate questions to scientists or learn about other cultures through email. Students will be supervised at all times and under no condition will they be permitted to view random sites. If you have questions about this, or would like to see a list of the sites students will be using, please call us or put a note in your childís agenda.

Photos of field trips and student work will be posted to our teamís website: