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 Team 6P  Burke County Middle School


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Physical Science

Sixth graders will study physical science in Burke County.  Physical science is the study of the things around us. Physical science is subdivided into two areas: chemistry and physics.

Use the following links for more information:


Science Pages Science Syllabus Teacher Stuff Mrs. Brogan


We will complete at least one laboratory activity each week. Lab activities are intended to deepen and extend a student's understanding of a concept. Labs do not exist as a separate entity; rather, they are strongly tied to student understanding of scientific concepts. Sample labs are included here.

Coffee Filter Parachutes -- Students will understand the relationship between independent and dependent variables.

Physical and Chemical Changes -- Students will compare and contrast the changes that atoms undergo.

Crystal Gardens -- Students will observe the process and organization of crystal precipitation.



Students will be graded in four major areas:


Class work and homework




Labs -- lab reports are required: format provided here.


Projects -- projects will be evaluated using a rubric (checklist). Sample rubrics are included here: